Here’s the fifth in our preview series of ten films on the Old Testament appearances of Christ in the Old Testament.

The first two videos will be permanently available online. (Episode 1, Episode 2). The remaining episodes will be released once a week for the next seven  weeks. Each of them will be available for online viewing for seven days.

DVD, HD download and Study Guide available now from HeadHeartHand Media.

  • Emily W

    Hi Dr. Murray, I am a young lady from Brantford FRC and one of my teachers has assigned a paper on the debate over whether or not Mark 16:9-20 should be considered part of the bible or not. I was wondering if you have ever run into this before, and if you have, what are your thoughts on the issue?If you have run into this before, could you e-mail me? Thanks.In Christ -Emily W.

  • David Murray

    Emily,David has been in hospital the past week and is going to take a while to recover. We are trying to relieve him of various burdens at the moment. Would you mind trying to find someone else to answer your question at this time.Administrator.

  • James Snapp Jr

    Emily,You are welcome to visit my presentation on the subject, which begins . If the page there appears distorted (with overlapping blocks of text) try . David – I hope you’re feeling better.Yours in Christ,James Snapp, Jr.