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Author and speaker Nancy Guthrie pays us a visit on this week’s Connected Kingdom podcast. We talk about Nancy’s teaching ministry to women, and especially her Bible Study books on Christ in the Old Testament. Nancy also explains how the Lord used the loss of two infant children to move her and her husband David to host regular retreats for other bereaved parents. You can watch David and Nancy glorify God as they talk with Joni about Holding on to Hope in the midst of this suffering.

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  • Anne Morrison

    I’m guessing there are no comments here because the listeners just don’t know what to say… Like you, David, I could only s-i-g-h when Nancy spoke – especially towards the end of your time with her. I had tears when you spoke of Christ throughout the Old Testament, but, like many other listeners, I’m sure, I wept when she took us to the new Heavens and earth where we shall behold the King in all His glory. And yes, she did whet our appetite for that day…I’ve never come across Nancy Guthrie before, but I am definitely going to look into her works now