Two articles on the limitations of Technology. Timothy Dalrymple on the difficulty of Finding Spiritual Life in a Technological World.  And in Liking is for Cowards. Go for what hurts Jonathan Franzen exposes the folly of substituting relationships with technology. 

Jeff Goins on the Most Overlooked Secret to Influencing People.  My interest in this is its application to evangelism? As my friend Seth Getz puts it: “Just ask.” How many are perishing because we don’t?

Last weekend I watched this powerful example of Job 19 faith. However, this morning, I came across another side to the story, the Job 3-18 and 20-37 side, and I was even more blessed.

Jared Wilson gives us 10 Simple Things Good Pastors say.

The ever practical Brian Croft has four guidelines for pastoring women in a congregation.

Tim Challies opens up his Mac and shares some of the Applications that make his life easier.

Wish I’d read Doug Wilson’s wise article on productivity 12 months ago. Even his first point is pure gold:

The point is fruitfulness, not efficiency. You should want to be fruitful like a tree, not efficient like a machine. But this fruitfulness is a function of God’s blessing, and it is surrendered work that is blessed work. Seek that blessing, and seek it through concrete surrender. Such surrenders are not abstract. Put your Isaacs on the altar. Every interruption is a chance to surrender your work to the only one who can bless your work, particularly when the interruptions come from your kid wanting to play catch.

And my book recommendation for today is:


Conduct Gospel-centered funerals by Brian Croft and Phil Newton.