The Washington Post’s Steven Pearlstein on the inevitable “revolution” coming to a school or Seminary near you.

And while on the subject of Seminaries, William Evans has a helpful article on how to choose the right one for you. Using his categories, I would describe Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary as (1) A school for pastors, (2) Catechetical, and cheating a bit on (3) I would tick both Confessional & Ecumenical. We adhere to the Three Forms of Unity and the Westminster Standards. But we also have students from all kinds of backgrounds – Continental Reformed, Scottish and American Presbyterian, Baptist, etc.

Kevin DeYoung his usual balanced self on Obedience is possible, prescribed, and precious.

Tyndale House’s Bible Study Toolbar looks well worth a try.

And Logos’s new e-book store, Vyrso (should have focus-grouped the name!) looks like a great shortcut to Christian e-books. Good prices too.

“To create something great, you have to cut it in half… keep shortening it… and really figure out what really needs to be there.” Jason Fried of 37 Signals on sermon preparation (well, not really, but it could be).

John Cleese, yes that John Cleese, on creativity and productivity.


Book recommendation: Al Martin’s Preaching in the Holy Spirit ($6).


Excerpt: “It is better to preach a ragged and less than neat sermon in the power of the Holy Spirit, than to preach a neat and polished sermon without His unction” (p. 60).