1840 posts and 452,603 comments later, CNN’s Belief blog reflects on its first birthday with Ten lessons the Belief Blog learned in its first year. Here are the headlines:

  1. Every big news story has a faith angle. 
  2. Atheists are the most fervent commenters on matters religious. 
  3. People are still intensely curious about the Bible, its meaning and its origins.
  4. Most Americans are religiously illiterate. 
  5. It’s impossible to understand much of the news without knowing something about religion. 
  6. Regardless of where they fit on the spectrum, people want others to understand what they believe. 
  7. Americans still have an uneasy relationship with Islam.
  8. God may not prevent natural disasters, but religion is always a big part of the response. 
  9. Apocalyptic movements come and go. 
  10. Most Americans don’t know that President Barack Obama is a Christian.

You can read more of the details here. It’s a bit of a mixed bag: some encouragement (# 1, 3, 5, 6), some discouragement (#4), and #2 is just so intriguing isn’t it!