How Sermons Work: 10 chapters, 155 pages, $5!

Here’s what you get for your investment:

Table of Contents

1. Preparation: preparing to preach
2. Selection: selecting a text
3. Interrogation: exegeting the text
4. Variation: varying the sermons
5. Introduction: beginning the sermon
6. Organization (1): the principles of sermon organization
7. Organization (2): the practice of sermon organization
8. Application (1): the principles of application
9. Application (2): the practice of application
10. Presentation: preaching a sermon

Will also be available in electronic format.

  • michelle v

    love the “one for the dutch (and the scots)” ;) we are a blend of both in our family :)

  • bignormdotnet

    I live in Northern Ireland Dave – how can I get a copy?

  • David Murray

    Evangelical Press are a UK based publisher and will be distributing the book in Northern Ireland in bookshops and also via its website.

  • Michael D.

    Any ETA on the electronic version? I’d love to buy it for my kindle. Loved the promo video, by the way.

    • David Murray

      Thanks Michael. Still waiting for the Kindle version. I’m told it’s imminent.