I’m so thankful for Nancy Guthrie’s pioneering work in providing Christ-centered Old Testament Bible studies for small groups. You’ll want to visit her new website, Seeing Jesus in the Old Testament.

 Paul Tautges gives us 10 questions to ask before confronting a brother or sister in Christ.

Nine Marks supplies 20 Practical Ways for Pastors to love their wives and families (scratch #15). Or if you want to go the other way here are 25 ways to provoke your children (and probably your wife too) to anger.

Feeling depressed? It may be what you are putting in your mouth. Or it could be Superpastor syndrome. And while we are on the subject, here’s the kind of massively helpful research that’s beginning to surface from the new brain imaging technology. It shows how two different treatment models, talk therapy and drug therapy, affect different parts of the brain.

This could save your marriage. Bob Kellemen on How to (and how not to) say “Sorry!”

If you are preparing a sermon for Sunday, read Writing naked first. Extract: “My best tip is this: buy a cheap digital recorder. Say what you want to say, as if the person you seek to persuade is standing there, listening. Then type that up. Simplify. Send.” (Substitute “Preach”)

How can I develop spiritual discernment? Tim Challies answers: