The annual Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary conference started yesterday and continues until Saturday. The subject is “The Beauty and Glory of the Holy Spirit,” and you can follow by live webcast here. Staying with the seminary, Steve McCoy has a nice plug for the Puritan Reformed Journal. You can subscribe here.

I’ve been privileged to get to know Pastor Al Martin since he moved near to Grand Rapids a couple of years ago. From the little he’s shared with me on the subject, I’m sure his new book about the lessons he learned from the death of his first wife will be well worth reading for anyone going through the experience of having lost a loved one who died in Christ.

Tim Challies put me on to this post on moving towards noteless preaching.

Joe Rigney at Desiring God has some helpful material from Jonathan Edwards on preaching Christ from the Old Testament.

As someone who has experienced too many of the negatives of Presbyterianism, this is a refreshing post from James Faris on the benefits of being in a presbytery.

Bob Kellemen’s six part series on The Law and Church counseling is required reading for anyone involved in counseling ministry.

Jeremy Walker has a delightful post full of quotes from The Inimitable Mr Delves. Who’s he? Read and find out.

If you are interested in ministering to the disabled, may I highly recommend John Knight’s blog, The Works of God. Here’s a video John put together recently.