Good time to be a pastor. Apparently they are the happiest people in their work.

Pastor Mike Pohlman asks his church: “Are we too busy”

Pride cometh before the bad sermon says Tim Raymond. It sure does.

Tim Challies asked Pastor Brian Croft how he organizes his prayer life.

Every wondered what Biblical Counseling really is? Here are 15 definitions.

Phil Monroe highlights a church that models how to take abuse prevention seriously.

And here’s a great little book Dealing with depression. When the Gospel Coalition gave it a positive review, I grabbed a copy, and can heartily recommend it.

One of the elders in my congregation wrote a little devotional, A Watered Garden, that will search and warm your heart.

Want a winter reading project? Here’s a fantastic list of books on Christ-centered Bible reading compiled by Dane Ortlund at the Gospel Coalition

I also enjoyed Dane’s post on Gospel Men: Four ways masculinity is expressed by Christian men today; three wrong, one right.

And here’s a post to encourage pastor’s wives and other home engineers.

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