Saw this absolutely phenomenal message over at Timmy Brister’s blog. This is how Timmy describes it:

David Wilkerson shares about what I have learned to be “soul travail.” No one talks about it these days, but I’ve read about it from the Puritans and those whom God used in history to bring revival and renewal to God’s people.

I must say, this brought back many memories of better times in my own spiritual life, and created deep longings for something of this spirit again.

  • Brian Defoe

    David Wilkerson? One’s of America’s most notorious Pentecostals? Are you kidding me?

    Why do I need the Reformed Faith if the Assemblies of God is just fine?

    • Richard

      While we may not agree with all of our late brother’s teachings we can’t fault his heart. This is just the spiritual tonic I needed today.

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  • Pete dayton

    This is not popular today but is spot on, as David would say. We need to
    learn from our brothers. Thanks for the post

  • Tiago Baia

    Excellent! Thank you so much for sharing this!