In The Media and “Bullying” Thomas Sowell notes how:

  • Over the last 90 years the media have frequently given disproportionate attention, support, protection and promotion to different groups depending on which was in vogue at that moment in time.
  • The media have at various times favored communists over African Americans, then African Americans over Asian Americans, then women over men, and now gays over everyone else.
  • The current anti-bullying campaigns in various states is focused almost entirely on words against gays, while ignoring serious physical violence being suffered by other groups like Asian Americans.
  • College Campus “speech codes” protect some groups, especially gays, from any words that may hurt their feelings while effectively declaring “open season” on others not in vogue with the media.

My summary: Under the cover of “anti-bullying” crusading, the mainstream media has effectively itself become the biggest bully. And in its deliberate ignoring of serious violence against non-trendy groups it has become the friend of other bullies too.

UPDATE: Juan Williams on a similar theme.

  • Kotnala Vineeth