• Tom Hester

    Is this movie out yet?

  • Joe Steenholdt

    I’m intrigued!

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  • Tom Hester

    I see that it is not due out until December.

  • Chuck Dotson

    Really good trailer! I can’t wait to see the finished product.

    This gets at something I’ve been ruminating on for several months now: the difficulty of practicing presence in a world mediated by screens. I keep a post-it-note of that on my laptop.

    What is this part of? Is it a documentary? Is it a series? Will it be online or on DVD? Will there be material available so that it can be used as part of a group?

    This has the potential to be an amazing piece for what has silently become one of the biggest pastoral care issues in our time.

  • Bart Carlson

    Though this looks excellent, it seems rather ironic that a movie and a website have been made to inform us about the dangers of being addicted to multimedia!

    Nevertheless, I am hoping to be able to use it in my Worldview course.

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  • Rod Gomez

    Seems that they’re using media to make the point that we have too much media. Interesting approach.

    I’m definitely intrigued and really can’t wait to see it.