Evernote for Pastors
Need help to get that study organized on a Monday morning? Ron Edmondson with a short but helpful e-book ($1.99) on how Pastors can use Evernote. Michael Hyatt is probably even more fanatical about Evernote than I am. Here’s an index to his helpful posts.

The 50 things every creative should know
I liked # 1,2, 6, 13, 17, 32, 34, 44, 46 & 48.

Starbucks and Vocation
Yes, as Matt Perman highlights, we can glorify God by making good coffee. I wish every Grand Rapids Starbucks employee would read this.

Faith or Genetic Testing?
Paul Tautges shares his family’s ethical and spiritual struggles as they seek the Lord’s will for their 7 year-old-daughter. Includes a helpful paragraph on common grace.

Where to get the best free education online.

Is Salman Khan the new Andrew Carnegie? 

Toast Sandwich is UK’s cheapest meal
In these tough economic times, how does a 10 cent sandwich grab you? These poor Brits!

What your luggage says about you
Are you (1) Passenger “Extreme” or (2) Passenger “Couture”?