David Millar relives doping battle
Lots of lessons about temptation in this BBC video about Tour de France cyclist David Millar’s seduction by doping drugs and his battle to recover and rebuild his life.

7 ways the devil tries to destroy a church

Why Google is the most important learning tool ever invented
Probably not great news for lecturers.

How to use Evernote
Michael Hyatt provides links to all his Evernote guides. This is a great software tool for students, teachers, and in fact for anyone who wants to get the paper in their life under control. It’s basically a free filing cabinet that is much more accessible, searchable and usable than any physical filing cabinet. I pay $45 a year for the premium service and consider it money very well-spent.

Is gluten making you depressed?
Further evidence of the link between some depressions and diet.

Two examples of heart-searching homework
Probing questions from Paul Tautges on helping people to move from fruit to root.

Balance your media diet [infographic] Want to know how your nine hours a day in front of a screen is divided up?

Avoid these time-wasting Tweets
Is that an oxymoron?