How abuse changes a child’s brain
Abuse changes a child’s brain. Does that fact change the way you would counsel?

Herman Cain: Five Lessons for Christian men
Al Mohler applies the Herman Cain debacle to Christian men.

Haptic shoes could replace the white cane
Google maps + Android + Vibrating Shoes + Bluetooth = Artificial Eyes

Jetman v Jets
You won’t believe this even when you see it.

Family Life
Worth fighting for
This is one of the most honest blogs on the Internet. As Kara says: “Stresses of life can put the miles on your marriage. But instead of wearing a marriage out, let it establish deeply carved paths of discipline, kindness, love, and commitment.” You can read the heart-tugging background to Kara’s story here.

Open the eyes of my heart
Almost ruined by the audience, but still worth a watch.