Preaching during the Christmas Season
Scottish Presbyterians close your eyes. Here’s Sean Lucas on how to vary your preaching at this time of year.

A lesson in church planting
Counter-cultural post from Bill Vandoodewaard.

An inalienable right to grace?
Looking for a new way to illustrate grace? Look no further.

Thinking Wrongly about Money
Never sure what the point is in linking to Tim Challies. It’s like reminding people to eat their breakfast. I mean, everybody does it already don’t they?

Training your children to manage money
Ten practical tips from Randy Alcorn.

How to beat loneliness and depression at Christmas
Touching post here from Kristen Gilles.

  • Richard Campeau

    Pretty sure the last one is not the link you intended.

    • David Murray

      Thanks Richard. Fixed.

      • Richard Campeau

        No problem. I live to serve ;-)