What made my most recent funeral the most difficult I have ever preached
Read it and weep….and pray.

Doing great things
Autobiographical post from R C Sproul Jr on the great calling of suffering.

Our First Visit to MUSC, Charleston, SC
Steven Lee, Founder and President of, updates us with further worrying news about his unborn son. Please keep the Lee family in your prayers.

How to write a good sympathy card

10 secrets about senior pastors
Not just senior ones either.

Churchill for pastors
Love blog posts like this that call Christians to learn from God’s works of providence in and through the lives of non-Christians.

Digital Leader
Erik Qualman’s new book will be well worth a read, even if only to know what our culture’s cutting edge leaders are thinking and teaching.

The trap of social media noise
Seth Godin on what digital leadership does and does not look like.

Top 50 Leadership Experts to Follow on Twitter
And while we’re on the subject…Take the meat and leave the bones.

The Cutest Deadliest Fight in All of History
My sons tell me that my Tae Kwon Do bouts are very similar, and that the wee blue guy’s back side-kick is remarkably like mine.