The Ministry of Advocacy
Ray Ortlund expands upon Matt Perman’s post on advocacy in the Good Samaritan.

How to accomplish more by doing less
Or “How to get everyone to click on a link.”

Bush Aide Finds Forgiveness and a Second Career
I’ve read this story before somewhere, and still think it provides a good sermon illustration of forgiveness.

Pre-marital sex and our love affair with bad stats
Kevin DeYoung deconstructs the stats and urges us not to despair about our young people.

iPad or Kindle?
Matt Perman agrees with Michael Hyatt’s conclusion. But also bear this in mind if you are thinking of a Kindle Fire for your kids.

Six social media trends
You’ll need to sign up for the Harvard Business Review to access this (unless you read around the subscribe pop-up box!), but it’s free and you’ll get access to lots of stimulating thought and entertaining writing.

Free ebook: Your brain on porn

  • Anne

    I’ve only read the Bush Aide finds Forgiveness article so far, but had to comment… What a story! What a lesson on how to give, and to receive, forgiveness…