Top Ten Tech Trends in 2011
A look back at 2011. What do you expect to see/what would you like to see in 2012?

Must-have desk for Seminary professors
Haven’t looked at the price yet, but I’m sure it’ll be fine.

LeBron James and Celebrity Pastors
Bob Kellemen’s wish for Christian leaders in 2012 is simple: Let’s strive to be more like King Jesus than King James (LeBron James).

Christian Focus for Kids
There’s a empty niche in the blogosphere for someone who’s willing to read and review books for the kids (especially teenage kids) of Christian parents. And if that blogger could specialize in Kindle books for kids, even better. Christian Focus are making a good start at it for their own books, but $4 for the Kindle versions of small paperbacks is not going to do the job, I’m afraid. $2 per book, or $5 for three is closer to the mark.

17 B&H Fiction Books for $0.99
Don’t know anything about these “Christian Fiction” books but the price is right.

Kindle version of John Dickson’s book is on sale  for $3.99.

12 books for 2012
Aaron Armstrong highlights 12 books he plans to read next year.

  • Michael D.

    I happened upon Christian Focus just the other day! Although I like the goal, and will be following them to see how this develops, I had the same concerns about the price point. More worrisome is the hint that the regular price is even more—all three series that were $4.00 per book stated that this was a “very special price through the end of the year” (aka, “this spectacular deal”). With language like that, I was expecting something in the $.99-$1.99 range—and I would have bought most of the series at that price!

    (I did notice that it did not appear to be a sale price on the Amazon page; the suggested retail price was only $4.00, not a higher price marked down. I guess we will see what they do.)

    • David Murray

      Yes, Michael, if it had been $.99-$1.99 I too would probably have bought the lot. As it is, I bought none. I’ve got many of them in paperback anyway.

  • Foppe VanderZwaag

    That desk reminded me of an earlier blog about a stand-up desk and a promised follow-up. The less than $50 price tag on that one is more within my reach (& better) than the one of today.

    • David Murray

      It’s coming! Next week, I hope.
      PS: How come it’s 3.49pm in Ada and only 2.49pm in GR?

  • Se7en

    Have to say I was thrilled to see Christian Focus for Kids had started blogging… I have written about these books on our blog before ( Our kids borrowed the paperbacks from friends and we own a few of the “ten girls/boys series…” I would love to review these books, even better my kids would. They are great easy readers and my kids lap them up. But as you say $4. a pop is quite a price for a fairly quick read, especially you aren’t paying in dollars.

    • David Murray

      I wouldn’t mind paying $4 each for actual books. But these are electronic versions. Many Christian publishers are behind the curve on this. Problem is that people will fill their Kindles with the cheaper (but less edifying) ebooks.

      • Se7en

        That is a very good point, especially since I subscribe to Amazon’s Free books… not a lot of kids books come up and the ones that do are very much in the “less edifying” category. So far I have packed our kindle with heaps of free classics. They are getting quite a literary education all the while using a cool tool – works for all of us!!!