What would you say to my husband if you were a young Seminarian again?
RTS’s Michael Milton replies.

So you want to be a church planter?
Jason Helopoulos describes seven essential characteristics.

Christian living
The resolutions of Jonathan Edwards in categories
Matt Perman provides a helpful 7-category re-organization of Edwards’ resolutions.

Unlocking the Bible Story
336 pages for $2.51!

MIT to offer free online courses to all
Isn’t it so exciting to live through this digital revolution! This is an even bigger step forward than simply making course materials available for free.

Religious Americans just as Tech-savvy as Others
This has got to be one of the most condescending articles I’ve read in a long time. There are so many barely-concealed prejudices in the way this is reported.

“A skunk on steroids”
Something about this appealed to the little boy in me. In an unusual combination of old and new technology, an impenetrable wall of stinky, foul-smelling water is helping to combat Somali pirates.

  • Dave

    Regarding MIT offering free courses, I wonder why Seminaries aren’t offering these. Wouldn’t this be a great way of offering courses to those who can’t afford it.