A free Theological Magazine everyone should know about
I agree with Justin, this is a great resource.  Periodical editors, behold the future!

Unfinished business
Unclutterer gives us six tips on how to prevent life degenerating into a mess – and how to get out of it.

The day I became a fiscal conservative
“It’s the day I discovered that economics is not just about math; it’s about motivation. Debits, credits, ledgers, and spreadsheets matter, but so do determination and leadership. Sound, moral economic policy must take the foibles and folly of a fallen human nature into account, and must have human dignity—an understanding that we are all made in the image of God—as its goal.”

Kindle Books
Aaron Armstrong and Tim Challies. Amazing prices, but remember: Multiple $1.99 books + 1-click ordering = Budget buster.

iPad App Lets Kids Publish Physical Books
This is incredible. Kids can write and illustrate a book on an iPad and then have it printed in hardback for $9.95! Might try it myself.

Speed Finger-Painter
Talk about made in the image of God!