Theological Training
John Brand, Principal of the Faith Mission College in Edinburgh, reflects on the identity crisis in theological education.

“Jay Adams is deep and compassionate”
My very uncontroversial friend, Bob Kellemen, has a rather controversial post today. Check it out and let me/him know what you think.

The Demise of Guys
TED talk on male arousal addiction by Psychologist Philip Zimbardo. “Zimbardo cites excessive internet use, video gaming, and online porn as causes of this new addiction. By age 21, boys spend 10,000 hours gaming, two-thirds of that time in isolation. The average young man watches 50 porn clips per week.”

The Quiet Joys of the Introvert
Introverts of the world, rejoice!

Financial crisis or empathy crisis?
Arianna Huffington says that the world isn’t suffering from a financial crisis, or a eurozone crisis, or a confidence crisis as much as from a crisis of empathy. Her prescription? “Slow down, unplug, and get a lot more sleep. You’ll better understand and really connect with the people around you — and that, more than stimulus of the monetary or intellectual sort — is the key to making the world a better place.”

Filming Forests with a drone
Is it possible to watch something like this without coveting?

  • Bob Kellemen

    David, Thanks for the shout-out. I love your phrase: “my very uncontroversial friend…has a rather controversial post…” Bob