An Interview with Al Martin on Preaching in the Holy Spirit
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To Cade and the 8%
Due to pre-natal screening only 8% of Down Syndrome children see the light of day. Gabe Lyons pens some lovely words to his son Cade and the 8%: “Cade’s life, and those like his, offers an alternative view of the good life.

  • These individuals alter career paths and require families to work together.
  • They invite each of us to engage, instead of simply walking by.
  • They love unconditionally, asking little in return beyond a simple acknowledgement.
  • They celebrate the little things in life, and displace the stress that bogs most of us down.
  • They seem to understand what true life is about, more than many of us.
  • They offer us the opportunity to truly value all people as created equal.

Happy Birthday Cade! I’m so grateful that God let us be your parents. You’ve changed us in ways we would have never changed ourselves. You’ve given us permission to measure loving kindness over productivity. You’ve offered us a glimpse of God’s grace while shattering our preconceived ideas of what is most important. We love you!”

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Is post-partum depression non-existent in other cultures?
“About 10-15% of women in industrialized countries, and between 20-40 % of women in developing countries experience depression during pregnancy or after childbirth. Perinatal depression is one of the most prevalent and severe complications of pregnancy and childbirth.”

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