Ultimate list of Social Media policies for Churches and Ministries
If you haven’t had to draw up a Social Media policy yet, you will soon enough. Here’a great resource to get you started. (HT: Nathan Bingham)

Religion sidelined by militant secularization
“Europe must become more confident in it’s Christianity,” says  Lady Warsi, Britain’s first female Muslim Cabinet minister!

Overeating may double memory loss
Do you struggle to memorize Scripture? Maybe you’re eating too much!

Email Infographic
Some fascinating stats. 147 messages a day. We spend an average of two and a half hours a day on email answering about 147 messages a day. We delete 71 of these in 5 mins and spend about 90 mins on 12 of the others…

Why physical books are better than digital books
I disagree but Eric Mckiddie makes a good case.

20 common grammatical mistakes that almost everyone makes
Your High School English years summarized in one blog post.

  • Gordon Woods

    Grammatical mistakes…Jon would do well to spent some time at Visual Thesaurus. A number of his items have long since been put to bed as personal likes and not logical necessities of the language. Envy and jealousy are not inherently negative terms. Biblically, I suspect “jealous” most often is used in positive terms. Envy can mean to have admiration. Negatively, it best describes the evil desire that merely wants someone to lose some good they have. Obviously, covet goes beyond envy. Much of politics is based on envy; dragging everyone to the lowest level rather than raising those at the lowest level.