The Cruelty of Inclusivism
Michael Reeves gives a UK perspective on pluralism and says: “More than no evangelism, it means no real evangel. Quite simply, that is because if ‘salvation’ is thought of as something other than being brought to know Christ, then that ‘salvation’ is something quite different to what Christ himself offers.”

The dangerous pursuit of pastoral fame
“Over the last few years, I’ve thought long and hard about “my platform” as a pastor, a writer, an occasional speaker. And as I’ve done so, I’ve come to the conclusion that there is a danger to my soul in pursuing more exposure, more name recognition, more money to be made from thinking, writing, and speaking about ministry issues. Especially while I am still in full-time, paid ministry to a local community.”

Help my unbelief
Here’s a prayer we can all identify with at times.

The glory of God in the valley of disability
Greg Lucas, author of Wrestling with an Angel, speaking at the Near His Heart dinner for families of children with special needs.

30 Life Lessons
I liked a number of these modern proverbs from Ron Edmondson.

  • Isobel

    Oh how refreshing to see your post about the dangerous pursuit of pastoral fame! There is nothing wrong with ‘pastoral fame’ if the Lord has raised a man up for HIS glory and the man can remain humble before the Lord. I remember a man who was constantly being praised outside services with phrases like ‘Wasn’t he lovely!’ and he fell publicly and dramatically. Once outside a church after you preached I heard exactly the same words and I said to the speaker, if you love that young man do not praise him like that you will ruin his ministry. The Lord has given you a precious gift, as long as you use it for HIM and don’t pay any heed to man you will be safe. The world NEEDS men who can stand up PUBLICLY and proclaim the riches of Christ. Every blessing to you.

    • David Murray

      I hear you, Isobel. Wise and challenging words.