Common Grace and the End of the World
Justin Taylor with a helpful summary of Sam Storms’ article on this subject.

A Handbook on being a Model Internet Citizen
Recently I’ve been especially convicted about #2 “Don’t fall for negativity.” There’s one well-known blog that I recently decided to stop reading because it’s ratio of 9 to 1 negative to positive posts was taking me down with it.

A godly man’s reading program
In yesterday’s PRTS chapel address, Pastor Al Martin spoke on the place of a disciplined reading program in the life of a man of God.

Woman gets jawbone made by 3D Printer

  • Ian Hall

    And I suppose since you are not falling for negativity, you won’t be telling us which well known blog you are no longer reading. Although, I’m sure I’m not the only person reading this who is just a tad curious.

  • Michial

    Very beneficial lecture by Dr. Martin.