Abeka founders retiring
Many home-schoolers will be wishing Dr. Arlin and Rebekah Horton a happy and peaceful retirement.

The cult of Amazon Prime
“There are two types of people in the world: those with Amazon Prime and those without. How you think about consumption, commerce and your personal time is radically different depending on if you’ve join the cult — yet. And to be clear, Prime is a cult you will be joining.”

A Biblical Theology of Food and Drink
This is a bit niche, but Nick Batzig’s been digesting this for a year!

Anti-depressants and the placebo effect
Why do anti-depressants sometimes offer no better results than a placebo? This article does a great job of explaining why and should make Christians pause before they simply regurgitate the latest media cliches.

Logos on Youtube
One for my Hebrew Exegesis students.