I have friends
R C Sproul Jr. says the best accountability group is….our friends

Problem with procrastination?
Gretchen Rubin has the answer: Try doing nothing!

3 Types of Elder’s Meetings
“After much trial and error, exploring what other churches are doing, and studying the Biblical role of eldership, we’ve landed on three types of elder meetings that take place each month.”

How our mobiles became Frankenstein’s monster
“How can we stop our phones becoming Frankenstein-like extensions of ourselves?”

Spiritual gifts inform us of our neediness
Never thought about it this way before. But I like it.

Counseling stories
“Of all the stories in the Bible I find myself turning to in counseling, perhaps there is none that I go to more often than the story of Joseph. For think of all that Joseph suffered that can relate to those around us. Mistreatment by family members. Difficult providential circumstances.  Sexual temptation. Long periods of insignificance and loneliness. Struggles with forgiveness. I have seen the Lord use in dramatic ways the telling of a portion of Joseph’s story.”