Grace at the Grocery Store
“Spiritual struggle” isn’t usually the first thing that comes to mind when I think about buying my food. But lately, I’ve noticed a lot of judgement as I work through the aisles – from other people to me and from me to other people.

Gracious Candor: Speaking the truth in love
Wish I’d read this 25 years ago. Would have saved me a lot of grief.

How to receive criticism like a champ
Again, something I’m just beginning to learn.

The Joy of Calvinism
Joe Thorn: Those who are reformed will benefit from this book by being reminded of the humble joy the doctrines of grace should produce. In my case my early years in the Reformed faith were characterized by pride. This was not the fruit of Calvinism, but the byproduct of a heart that was not yet grasping the theology I was reading. I was missing the forrest for the trees. God was gracious in directing me to a few specific books that helped me to see much of what Forster writes in The Joy of Calvinism.

11 Ways the Book of Revelation is Relevant