It’s been a year
After living a life that blessed multitudes, a dear friend to so many is coming to the end of his journey.

How eternity shapes the mundane
Parental amnesia is where we forget about two things: tomorrow and eternity.

A Guide to staying Christian in Seminary
Here’s an index to some of the multiple recent posts on this subject that have been appearing all over the web. Although there’s some excellent material in here, I do think this subject has been a bit overdone. I can think of a multitude of other environments that are significantly more dangerous, but have not been given such treatments.

Affective Preaching
Fascinating post, but particularly appreciated this line: “Those preachers whose sermon outlines made it difficult for their hearers to remember it for later were not viewed as popularly as those whose outlines made remembering it easier.”

Do eBooks make it harder to remember what you just read
Think the answer is probably “yes” but the highlights/notes features in the Kindle help preserve the fruits of reading much more efficiently.

One third of US High School students own an iPhone
And this is supposed to be the worst recession since the Great Depression?

What’s a steal and what’s junk at the dollar store
Hope my wife reads this one

  • Kim Shay

    Thanks for sharing the story about the gentleman with ALS. We have a former student from out youth group whose father-in-law was just diagnosed. A sobering diagnosis.