Jews reclaim Jesus as one of their own
Could this be the beginning of the long-awaited and eagerly desired fulfillment of Romans 11? Let’s pray so.

Make room for suffering
“Any theology that leaves little room for suffering is a suspect theology.”

Why on Sunday?
“This question can be embarrassing, can’t it? Why do you worship on Sunday? Doesn’t the Bible say that the seventh day is the time God consecrated for his people? Where does the Bible say that Christians should sanctify the first day of the week, rather than the seventh day?” O Palmer Robertson offers some answers.

How sermons work
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  • Sherry

    I just had to let you know that I absolutely love your How Sermons Work video!

    And I liked what you did for the Ligonier Conference this year too!

  • David Murray

    Thanks Sherry. Credit Dirk Naves for both of these.