“I know where I’m going.”
I was privileged to know the man who uttered these last words, and I’m not surprised that he died in such a God-honoring way.

When I feel stuck or stumped, I go for a stroll
A tip from Jonah Lehrer, author of Imagine, for the next time you experience “preacher’s block.”

Liberalism, Botox, and Lady Folly
“Having caused the life of the Protestant mainlines to wither away, theological liberalism now beckons to, allures, and seduces evangelicals. Though old and wizened, she is always freshly airbrushed, botoxed, and adjusted, appearing young, attractive, and intelligent, the lady folly for the theological mind.”

The Anatomy of Holiness
“When I lose track of what holiness is actually about, I try to scan down the body from head to toe and remember what God desires from me.”

Social Networking 101
Why are social networks so attractive to our kids? Here are five reasons together with the pros and cons of each

Responding to your spouses sexual sin
This is a good series to watch not only for those who are going through this painful process but also for those who minister to such. In fact, it’s a great deterrent for everyone. If the embedded video does not work for you, you can click through and watch the series on Vimeo.  Congratulations, Brad, on your new blog theme. Significantly easier on the eyes!