Getting healthy: My hardest year
Joe Thorn begins to bare his soul, for the benefit of many.

3 Ways to Control your Inner Control Freak
“Hi. My name is Nathan and I’m a ‘control freak.’ I haven’t tried to assume autonomous control of every aspect of my life for at least the past 30 minutes.”

The State of the Bible 2012
“There are probably five Bibles on every shelf in American homes. Americans buy the Bibles, they debate the Bible, they love the Bible… they just don’t read the Bible.”

Do Seminary Grads burn out quickly?
I always suspected these statistics were off.

Phone data shows “romance driven by women”
This headline is almost in “The Pope is a catholic” territory. But the article should start a few “discussions.” A para for the women: “Men call their spouse most often for the first seven years of their relationship. They then shift their focus to other friends.” And one for the men: “Romantic relationships are driven by women…it’s they who make the decision and once they have made their mind up, they just go for the poor bloke until he keels over and gives in!”

The Gospel under the Northern Lights
Bill Boekestein reviews Wes Bradenhof’s missionary memoir of his time spent as a missionary to the First Nation community at Fort Babine in central British Columbia. You’ll love the book trailer that Bill’s kids put together.