Twitter Dynamos, Offering Words of God’s Love
When Twitter HQ set out to find the most influential people on Twitter, they didn’t expect to find it was Evangelical Christian leaders.

What does Scripture teach about the future role of Israel? 
I love the brevity, clarity, simplicity and verity of RC’s answer here.

Sugar can make you dumb
“Our findings illustrate that what you eat affects how you think.”

Christianity Unplugged
In the twenty-first century, being alone and withdrawing mean much more than being the only person in the room. They mean being unplugged.

A visit to St Kilda
Calum Angus Mitchell, one of my friends from my previous congregation, visited the now uninhabited island of St Kilda and brought back some beautiful pictures and moving words. Exiled Scots of the world, bring your Kleenex!

Professors need to come down from their Ivory Towers
Some good points for Seminaries here too.

  • David B

    The article about ivory towers I found a bit offensive and plain wrong on some fronts. Of course there are bad examples of academics around. However most professors I know work like crazy on their research, teaching and service responsibilities, despite being paid much lower than their counterparts in industry, for love of their subject. Yes, professors often have more flexibility in their hours, but often are working almost every waking minute on projects or academic business.