As it’s about this time of year that many small-group Bible studies begin thinking about new curricula for the Fall and Winter sessions, I’d like to heartily recommend Nancy Guthrie’s Seeing Jesus in the Old Testament series. Nancy has now written two of these 10-week Bible studies, the lastest of which is The Wisdom of God – Seeing Jesus in the Psalms & Wisdom Books. Let me give you seven reasons to consider these wonderful resources:

  • These are Gospel-centered Old Testament studies. Yes, there are lots of practical lessons, but there’s also much of Christ.
  • You’ll not just learn about the passage you are studying, but also about how it fits into the big picture of Scripture, a huge help when studying other parts of the Bible.
  • A good mix and balance of personal stories. You’ll probably feel that you’ve met Nancy by the time you finish the book!
  • The books have been written specifically with Women’s Bible studies in mind. I’m pretty sure that Nancy has sat in many of these, and has used her experience to tailor the content and structure of the books to perfectly fit this audience and context.
  • The books are also suitable for personal study.
  • A big plus for those who feel a bit intimidated by the Old Testament is that Crossway have also produced teaching DVDs to accompany the books.
  • The Psalms and Wisdom book ventures into rarely explored parts of Scripture, and you’ll be amazed at the treasures you’ll come back with.

Although I take a different tack to Nancy on the Song of Solomon, both approaches end up at Christ. I hope many will experience the blessings of spiritual heartburn through these books (Luke 24:32).

  • Kim Shay

    I have Guthrie’s study on Genesis, The Promised One. Solid study.