The pastor’s example of evangelism
Steve Lawson calls pastors to evangelize in four areas, beginning with themselves.

Where are all the brothers?
Alex Chediak asks Eric Redmond why African American men are so turned off the church.

The real skill of sermon preparation
It’s not what you think, but I think he’s right.

New Code of Ethics for Pastors
Regardless of the source, what do you think about the content? Or even the idea?

Should every pastor be a counselor?
Bob Kellemen responds to my post about pastors who don’t counsel.

Battling the bitterness of parenting a disabled child
Christine Hoover: “On October 16, 2006, my oldest son was diagnosed with autism. That word — autism — spoken over my son and over my life on that day sent me into a year-long spiral of grief and confusion.”

  • SomeGuy

    The code of ethics thing is interesting. If a pastor is not bound by his positions serving the eternal, holy God, how would a man-made code of ethics help? Codes like that are made to be broken. I’m curious to see what the reaction to the code of ethics is among pastors.