This week’s morning and evening reading plan in Word and pdf.

This week’s single reading plan for morning or evening in Word and pdf.

If you want to start at the beginning, this is the first 12 months of the children’s Morning and Evening Bible reading plan in Word and pdf.

And here’s the first 12 months of the Morning or Evening Bible reading plan in Word and pdf.

And here’s an explanation of the plan.

  • mom2twinboys

    This is such a blessing to our family. I was looking for something just like this to use with my boys. Thank you for your faithfulness to your ministry for His service.

  • David Murray


  • Sandra

    Hi David, Some of our Sunday School kids have asked me to come up with a Bible Reading Challenge to help them develop a habit of daily Bible reading. I wanted it to be achievable, approx 5 or 6 verses each day, and felt we needed to start in one of the Gospels, either Mark or Luke.
    I decided to see what was already available, and came across your reading plan which is exactly what I was looking for! I’m going to be giving this plan to those kids this Sunday, together with their “challenge kit” of a Gospel of Luke, notebook, pen etc. I hope to contact you again in a month or so to give you feedback on how it’s going. I’m excited that they initiated this, and that the plan was already waiting for us due to your work. Bless you, Sandra.

    • David Murray

      I look forward to the feedback, Sandra. May God bless this study to the children.