10 Reasons to Underprogram your Church
Jared Wilson calls for a much-needed reformation that could revive our churches and our souls.

Jeremy Walker recently did what he calls a “twinterview” with Tim Challies and me. It is an interview between two friends where neither is permitted to preview the other’s answers, collaborate, etc.

The Missional Mom
Mary Kassian: “I don’t see how leaving your nursing baby to travel half way around the world to nurse someone else’s baby is somehow more “missional” than staying home to nurse your own.”

What every woman wants men to know
As I’m about to address a bunch of teenage lads about what they should know about women, I found Kim’s angle refreshingly helpful.

Husbands, don’t treat your wife like a guy
On the other hand, Erik offers some helpful advice on what guys should know about women!

Read on, Baby!
Anthony Carter has some encouraging words for the slow readers among us.