The DIY Degree
Jay Cost tells you how to earn a Bachelor’s degree in one year for a few thousand dollars.

Honoring Fundamentalism
Michael Haykin swims against the tide: “We may not agree with all that Fundamentalism represented, but honor needs given where honor is due.”

The absent-minded husband
I think a few of us guys will want their wives to read this one.

6 Ways the Gospel frees women
Gloria Furman: “Jesus frees us from so much and He frees us to so much.”

Why are we talking about race in 2012?
Trillia Newbell: “Perhaps the eagerness to move on isn’t because we have true peace and unity but rather to no longer face the fact—racism still exists even in 2012. But more than that, it exists in the church and we really don’t know what to do about it. And that is exactly why we need to have these conversations.”

Diagnostic Questions for Pastors
Fancy a bit of self-examination?