Reporters discover black women like religion
Sarah Pulliam Bailey with helpful analysis of the survey that showed black women as the most religious in the country.

Following Lifeway’s much-criticized decision not to carry The Blind Side in their stores, Mike Wittmer offer another perspective.

Don’t indulge, Be Happy
How much money do you need to be happy? $75,000 p.a. apparently.

25 Pointers for Preaching the Epistles Effectively
Peter Mead gives us five for starters.

When your child isn’t doing well in the Lord
Mark Altrogge looks at the fruit God grows in our lives through rebellious children.

The Torching of Earthen Vessels: A Reply to Frank Turk
Very difficult to know what to do when someone gives a negative review of your book. However, sometimes a reviewer’s pitiful and painful efforts make the decision much easier. Well done, Matthew Anderson!