Three must-have Bible Apps
Thanks to Jesse Johnson for doing all the legwork.

Family is intentional, not always conventional
Greg Lucas shares some memories of his painful, yet in many ways enviable, upbringing.

Ten principles for great design
I’m always intrigued by how design principles can often apply to sermons.

7 Tips to spark my creativity
Gretchen Rubin: “I put a lot of pressure on myself to be efficient and productive. One of my struggles, therefore, is to allow myself to spend time on activities that don’t pay off in some direct way. Creativity often involves play, digression, exploration, experimentation, and failed attempts; it doesn’t always look productive.”

Christological Principles of Typology
Nick Batzig: “I’ve often been asked to explain how we can know whether the typology we are doing is a biblically warranted, covenantal typology over against the fanciful typology so frequently employed in Dispensationalism.”

Christ-centered preaching isn’t anti-trinitarian
Dave Moser with a brief response to this common criticism.