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…knowing when to unplug.

Quiet Leadership
Brain Harris: “The leadership qualities that result in long term success don’t revolve around charisma, but are more directly related to perseverance, tenacity and other centeredness, as well as a willingness to nudge rather than gallop ahead, and to arrive at appropriate compromises. He suggests that instead of finding brilliant ways to solve problems, quiet leaders look for ways to live with problems, and are willing to aim at what is reasonably attainable rather than only at what is ideal. They model restraint, modesty and flexibility.”

Recalculating: How Study Bibles can limit Bible study
Jen Wilson with four tips on how to use (and not abuse) Study Bibles.

What is it to love the world?
Thabiti passes on 10 points from William Greenhill to help us decide is we love the world or the Father. And in a great follow-up post, he applies the quote: “We cannot love the world correctly until we love the Father completely.”

New Life Conference Audio
And in what must be Thabiti appreciation day, here’s the audio from a superb conference that I attended with my son last month. I can’t remember when I was last so edified by a series of expository messages, as these gifted and godly brothers worked their way through the book of Micah. I’ve already marked next year in my calendar.

The good, the bad, and the ugly of church planting
Phillip Jensen with a list of twelve different reasons for church plants as a reality check on our motivations.