Your desk is making you stupid
As if killing us is not enough.

Why creativity is important for ministry, and how to do it
Creativity is not just for creative types.

Best 5 Books on the Puritans
Not sure Joel Beeke would agree with this post (read to the bottom of this post), but it’s an interesting perspective.

The rise and rise of influence
“There’s even anecdotal evidence that Klout scores are being considered by some employers when looking at the resumes of potential new hires, which may be directly relevant for jobs in, say, social media marketing and a less-direct measure of your personality for other jobs.”

(Hardly) Shocking!
“This seems to be a week in which “informed opinion” has caught up with what conservatives have known — and said — for some time.”

How the Internet has changed women
For good and bad. Hasn’t affected men at all, of course.