Just back from a fantastic 10-day camping vacation at Lake Michigan where I tried to follow the Challies model of a digital fast. Didn’t quite manage the full fast; I think I would call it an extreme diet. Anyway it was definitely a blessing to my own soul, and to family life.

The case for early marriage
This certainly challenged my own view. (HT)

The number one failure of 90% of pastors
Ask yourself what you think it is, then click for a surprise.

Is God concerned with the material well-being of Christians?
Biblical common sense from R C Sproul.

An introverted servant leader who can find?
Loved this moving and encouraging piece from Trillia Newbell. You can keep track of all that Trillia writes via her lively Twitter feed.

Our unhealthy obsession with winning
How can we redefine winning so there are more ways to do it, and it’s more satisfying? Tony Schwartz has four suggestions.

Economics for Everybody
Here’s a video preview of lesson 12.