50 Shades Trilogy: Tim Challies Interview
The review team at Redeemed Reader begin a series on 50 Shades by interviewing Tim Challies about pornography.

Defeat 50 Shades of Grey
How would you like to shift 50 Shades of Grey off the Amazon bestsellers topspot? Are you willing to spend 99 cents and get Jeff Goins new ebook (worth $13) into the bargain? Haven;t read the book but I’ve always enjoyed Jeff’s blog posts.

Disability and the Gospel
Kara Dedert highlights an important book: How God uses our brokenness to display His Grace.

How I mark my Bible
Think I’ll be taking up a few of Jim Hamilton’s suggestions.

Black Pastors, Gay marriage, and President Obama’s Re-election
Despite the stand of many African American pastors against President Obama’s re-election, NewsOne for Black America suggests that “African Americans clutch their wallets as tightly as their Bibles!” We probably all do.

8 ways to coax new ideas to the surface
“Research suggests that breakthrough feats tend to emerge from eight different ways of illuminating new possibilities: challenging, connecting, visualizing, collaborating, harmonizing, improvising, reorienting, and playing.”