The Psychology of Social Networking [Infographic]
9 out of 10 internet users are on social networks. 9 out of 10 Americans think people share too much. Go figure!

Jonah Lehrer’s Mistake…and Ours
At the Harvard business review Peter Sims compares the consequences of Jonah Lehrer “stealing” some words with the financial executives responsible for this devastating economic crisis. “The message seems clear. If you are responsible for large-scale financial collapse or fraud, you needn’t fear you will actually be held responsible for large-scale financial collapse or fraud.”

Five Features of Preaching in the Book of Acts
(1) God-centered (2) Audience conscious (3) Christ-centered (4) Response-oriented (5) Boldness

Best Numbers Commentaries
Adrian Reynolds recommends three books.

Does Everyone Brag Now?
Owen Strachan strikes a good balance here: “My tentative, personally driven recommendation: make your life about big things, as best you can.  Pray regularly to be humble and not promote yourself.  Invite feedback from family, friends, and fellow church members on “best practices.”  Here’s a controversial one: if you do use social media, strive to keep your “private life” (the very term sounds ancient) private.  Forget what the gurus say–if you’re going to use Facebook, make sure you prize privacy.  An inner life, whether personal, familial, or congregational, is in my view very healthy.”

10 Principles for Interpreting Old Testament Narrative

Honor to whom honor is due
Important article from R C Sproul Jr. in this election season.