Silencing the Devil
R.C. Sproul Jr. with a courageous post on the difficulty of recovering from sin in the ministry.

Why most pastors won’t tell the truth
Adam McHugh on why it’s so difficult for pastors to be open and vulnerable with their congregations.

Be careful with “How-to” sermons
Joe Thorn: “The gospel is what gives power to any practical advice we may give in a sermon. A how-to sermon is powerless without a who-did foundation.

The child isn’t the one that needs killing
So many great lines in this article. Here’s one: “We need to stop focusing on saving the baby OR the mother. We should focus instead on saving the baby AND the mother.”

Report highlights consistent pattern of hostility toward Christian in US.

Be counseled by Thomas Chalmers
12 counseling principles from a Thomas Chalmers sermon.

  • Joe Thorn

    Thanks for the link-love, David! I always look forward to your check out posts, so this was a nice surprise!

    • David Murray

      I loved the piece!