Why exercising makes us happier
Having seen triathlon athletes crawling, yes crawling, along our road yesterday, I’m thankful we have science to help our unbelief.

Student loan debt and the future of Seminaries
Russel Moore in the Wall Street Journal on how churches can strengthen their recruitment of ministers

Four responses to the challenge of same-sex unions
I’d add a fifth: How does the church help families dealing with the social complications that result from same-sex relationships?

The power of unplugging
Ryan Lee with a testimony to the refreshing power of unplugging for ten days. Along similar lines, here’s Vacating the Internet from Tim Challies, with his usual helpful and down-to-earth practical takeaways.

Five reasons why we should still read the book of Leviticus today
The first is: “It’s the enemy’s favorite book to tear apart.”

The Entrepreneur’s Ferrari brain…with bicycle breaks
This might help you to understand someone in your life.