Seminary Education from a distance
Pros and cons of online or on location.

22 ways to humble ourselves
Great checklist for self-examination. Sad that we probably need 22 ways to even begin to be humble!

Kindles, iPads, and the digital reading experience
Aaron publishes the results of his reading experiments with different devices.

13 Young Social Entrepreneurs Making a Difference
Love the combination of creativity and philanthropy here.

Advice for everyone who writes
From someone who could, Charles Spurgeon. Bit painful for us daily bloggers!

How to pray when you’re depressed: A look at Psalm 13
Mark Kelly: “Psalm 13 is a special chapter in my Bible. There is a date, March 12, 2012, written next to the chapter heading. That day I identified with the psalmist, and poured out my heart to God like never before. It had been five long years of dealing with chronic pain, two major surgeries, limited physical ability, limited ministry, and horrible side effects of multiple medications that had brought me to this point. I was tired, depressed, worn down and God was silent. That day I “got real” with God.”