Complementarianism for dummies
Difficult to spell and difficult for many to accept. Enter Mary Kassian with some help for the simple.

Economics for Everybody
R.C.Sproul Jr’s DVD curriculum is available only today from Ligonier for a donation of any amount. I just ordered it for my family.

Is there intended allegory in the Song of Songs?
It was great to see this courageous article by Jim Hamilton on the website.

Injecting the light of H-O-P-E into a dyed-black perspective
“This post documents an actual counseling conversation between a biblical counselor named Terry and a depressed, middle-aged woman who we will call Kim.” I’d be interested to hear what you think of this approach.

Why did God appoint President Obama?
Kathleen Peck offers a voice of calm, biblical sanity in the midst of this fevered convention season: “The question we have to ask as the church of Jesus Christ is …who put Mr. Obama in the White House?  If we believe God is sovereign and He rules over ALL the affairs of men in this world then our answer must be …God Himself put Mr. Obama in office.  As difficult as that may be for some to accept, there is no alternative. God has ordained this president for His own reasons and in His sovereignty He exerts His power in every detail and every sphere of human life, politics included.  Like it or not, this admission necessitates us agreeing that Mr. Obama has been God’s choice for America this past four years. We’re then left to ponder the question of why God would appoint him?”

15 Tips on Blog Comments and How to Get More of Them